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With the start of 2019, we at Chan Brothers Air-Conditioning wishes everyone a happy new year. With the new year and chinese new year around the corner, we have our range of aircon servicing prices to best cater for all customers.

At Chan Brothers Aircon, we understand that when with the festive holidays ahead, many home owners are looking to get a quick service for their aircon this period to welcome the new year ahead. Having been through this hectic and busy period, we have increase our staff strength to ensure that we are able to support as many customers as possible

For the month of January , we have some of the follow aircon servicing rates that are on-going which you can save on if you have intends to service your existing air-conditioning.

Aircon Servicing Video

Aircon Servicing Rates

No. of aircon units One time service Warranty
1 fan coil units c/w condenser 40 nett *90 days workmanship on scope of service only.
2 fan coil units c/w condenser 55 nett
3 fan coil units c/w condenser 70 nett
4 fan coil units c/w condenser 85 nett
5 fan coil units c/w condenser 100 nett
6 fan coil units c/w condenser 118 nett

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Digital Door Lock Review

With the advancement of technology, homes and businesses which fail to keep up with the latest security methods will find themselves increasingly vulnerable to criminal attacks. In an attempt to ensure all properties are the safest and most secure as possible, these security system specialists are able to provide cutting edge digital lock technology, to provide home and business owners with the essential security measures required in such a modern age.

All digital technology has fantastic benefits, as it eliminates the need for the traditional key. Locks have become renowned for their ease to break into, as burglars have become experienced at picking, allowing themselves smooth and easy entry through a key lock. Of course, with digital locks, this problem is completely eliminated, requiring the user to know a specific code, or have a swipe card.

These experts offer a variety of digital door locks, each of which provide invaluable benefits to the user. When selecting one for your property, it’s important to recognise the specific advantages which each type present.

Electronic Keypad Locks

A keypad lock is a convenient method of security, as it doesn’t require the user to possess any physical implementation to gain access. This makes life easy, as it makes the need for remembering or for fumbling keys an unnecessary task. The keypad locks which this company supply will automatically lock behind you, ensuring that your property remains fully secure at all times. Should you cherished this information and also you want to obtain more info with regards to Samsung Digital Door Lock kindly pay a visit to our own internet site.

Electronic Key Card Locks

Useful within many hotels, key card locks are a quick and easy way of electronically gaining entry into a room. The systems which they offer all come complete with management software, which will enable you control over access rights for each card.

Biometric Door Locks

On the forefront of digital lock technology sits biometrics. Using fingerprint recognition as a means of entry, only prints stored within the system will allow entry to the corresponding users, meaning that no intruder will be able to gain access.

Access Control Systems

A control system offers full and complete control over all security within the property. Each system at your premises can be wired to the mains, then monitored remotely over the internet, wherever you are, and at any time. These can be activated through either biometric or card, depending on your own preferences.